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Thai Foot Massage

Reflexology creates better blood circulation and a better sense of well being. We apply pressure on your foot to stimulate your organs, to relieve stress and detox your body.

Traditional Thai Massage

It activates the body’s vital energy with rhythmic acupunctural pressure along the energy lines of the body. You will get all of your body parts massaged, including your fingers, palms, knees and feet. Unlike other massage techniques the traditional thai massage is a dry massage technique, that is, we don’t use any oil or cream.

Back, Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

This massage technique includes massaging your shoulders, your upper body and your face. In case you have a sedentary life and you experience stress regularly, your muscles become tight. A regular massage therapy helps to reduce neck pain, fatigue, headache, migraine and it also helps with your focus and improves your memory.

Back Oil Massage

We massage your back from the sacrum (lower back) to the occiput (back of the head). The masseuse pays extra attention to the scapula which is usually surrounded by painful muscle knots. During the back massage they stimulate the sensitive tissues of the nerve endings to lower the chronic pain signals in the brain. It creates a temporary block in the brain. The back massage is perfect for people who are under a lot of stress and often experience back and lower back pain.

Body Oil Massage

The secret of this massage technique is in its complexity. The benefits of the traditional Thai Massage are being multiplied by the oil being absorbed through your skin. It increases the lymph and blood circulation and activates the energies of your body.

Hot Oil Massage

After this massage your muscles become loose and your skin become soft and smooth. Hot oils are easier to absorb because of their active ingredients and their warm sinergy. This hot oil massage is excellent for stress relief. It has a great, positive effect on your body, mind and energy.

Coconut Oil Massage

This massage with coconut oil contains high level of antioxidants, thus it regenerates and softens the skin. (It’s very effective on acnes too, since it won’t make the skin more oily.) It can reduce wrinkles and can make your skin firmer. This body massage from head to toe gives you a holistic experience.

Herbal Massage

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Our experienced Thai masseurs offer you a personalized massage.
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